XLMUSD poised for a MAJOR Breakout

XLMUSD is long overdue for a breakout — so as long as BTCUSD market doesn’t spiral downward (and manages to consolidate) it’s about to BOOM!

UPDATE 03/08/22 —

W bottom formation reveals XLM is gearing up for a major upswing.

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Both 15M / 1H charts reveal a looming breakout as RSI builds momentum with a wedge determining to future of Stellar Lumens Xlm priceaction (after having taken a significant price dump these last few days) along with the rest of the market.

Above is 15m/1H EMA[8,12] scalping entry points which reveal that we are overdue for a massive bullrun (or massive selloff) within the next 24–48 hours. I would venture to guess sometime this afternoon (EST).

Set your stop losses and keep your eyes peeled! Remember, FinTechPro — cryptotrading is not an easy way to make money. It’s a highly volatile, highly speculative asset; I implore each and everyone of you to do some comprehensive research before making any significant entries.

I’ve seen people lose their livelihoods and their homes over their desire to “get rich quick” (see my “CryptoLife is not Easy” article on Steemit for another oped/lengthy article that touches more on this topic.

Defer to chart above for fundamentals on XLMUSD. An inverted H&S reveals a solid entry point on the 1D EMA[50] for XLMUSD; looking very healthy — with consolidated priceaction pointing upward towards a $0.4895 a token.

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Remember to set your stop-losses, and remain vigilant!

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