Once upon a time in 2020…

On May 16th, 2020when BNBUSD was trading at $15 a token — I wrote this oped. It also contains a semi-lengthy autobiographical account of my short & sweet career thus far; this should answer a lot of questions for anyone(recruiters, etc.) who seek to know.

Drafted April 2020. Published May 16th, 2020.

Keynotes: I started my “career” as a political strategist/consultant under the Trump administration in the summer of 2017.

What started off as a few surveys and questionnaires quickly escalated into focus groups and before I knew it, a senior advisory position to the executive himself.

All the while I was managing my Fintech career. Without further adieu;

Good evening.

Today seems to be a wonderful day for crypto as we are staring upon the glorious sight of a sea of green on CoinMarketCap as altseason is in full affect; virtually everything is bullish — it doesn’t matter what token or coin you’d be holding at this point because as I have details in my “10 Crypto Commandments “forex guide, which is posted (see other medium article from 2018) and I implore any new traders to give it a read !

Remember: BTC USD is the sun in the universe with the old spin on its axis: the planets and all those that revolve around it — being the altcoins.

  • What does this mean?

I highly suggest (for Those of you who are interested in my opeds/writings/tangents — which (the ones that haven’t been banned on TradingView atleast).. seem to be not only well receptive but encouraged and even requested…at times, which just goes to display the maturity of the people who participate in conducting their own TA by taking the time to read what I’ve written as most people do not really take this unconventional approach of providing the TLDR dissertation with every publication but thi sis medium, not like Twitter / FB /Reddit or any of those other banal platforms…

You guys are here to make money and you guys are here to learn and so I just wanted to take a moment to thank the (1200
median engagements per publication thus far according to analytics) so I guess it’s actually a lot more than I thought and while that might not seem like a lot to some people knowing that 1200 people on average are reading these posts (aggregate based on data analysis logarithmic statistical data analysis at the time of posting) coupled with the surge of engagements in my publications — there is clearly some sort of breakthrough/”eureka” moment in helping people that not only gives me euphoric ecstasy, but a purpose in life.

This warms my heart gives me the drive to continue and I will continue to do so even as I go through a slump of depression…even when I’m angry — I’ve noticed one thing about this platform:

People don’t give a damn in fact you’re completely indifferent as if the taboo nature of how I felt (what I felt was total self-loathing and insecurity for the better part of 3 1/2 years — as my esteemed tech community continued to ostracize me for being willing to work with “orangemanbad”) — — to that I say — I didn’t see anyone else doing it.

Where was Anthony Pompliano when the time came for lobbying regulators / legislators in the early days? Nowhere but shilling his own podcast on twitter. I didn’t post this to trash talk anyone. Just making an example to illustrate a point (one that is factual) and can be corroborated.

Case in Point.

To those of you who have reached out and commented (beit praise or criticism) — Thank you for being the only reason I continue to do this.

I don’t use my clout (or what little of it that I have) to take advantage of you guys by pushing sponsorship/shills driven by profit motivated greedy opportunistic gluttons motivated solely by their own interests.

All I ever REALLY cared about was the community and the education/expedition/integration of global wide-scale adoption — for this is the the sole goddamn reason why I got mixed up with the Trump administration (atleast that’s what I told myself for 3 1/2 years — to accrue political capital) which has caused me more headache/grief/stress/losses than I care to mention.

I was brought on for foreign policy as a strategic analyst or data scientists specifically where it pertains to Middle Eastern geopolitical affairs as I had an in depth experience/understanding of the situation — which is complex, to say the least. In short, it’s an Arab cold war between Iran and Saudi; though I digress. I’ll leave it at that, before I start kicking another hornet’s nest that I have no interest in kicking at this juncture.

Long story short Washington is a small town, Gossip gets around like high school and major policy decisions get made by a general consensus led by the popular person which is how its always been done in almost every presidency; though I am not here to discuss Federalism, Mason or Henry’s foreboding of the constitution either — merely my understanding of constitutional law and geopolitical affairs coupled with tech & finance as to illustrate who exactly I am and how I played my role/position during the Trump administration.

I didn’t care for the trolling. I didn’t care for the petty hyper-partisan bickering. All I cared about was making America greater. As cliche as that might sound, it is after all, the reason Elon Musk emigrated to the U.S. as a child. Now ? well…no explanation needed. Let’s just say he wouldn’t be the man he is today had he stayed in post-apartheid South Africa.

I was dumbfounded to come to the Capitol After being convicted of felonies I didn’t think a jail sentence would be okay for me to be there. (this was before the insurrection)

Turns out I came to learn a lot of things:

For one — our former president is much like myself in the sense that he’s a paradoxical hypocrite and a ironic riddle of puzzle pieces funneled into an enigma wrapped in a paradox. That’s just me being cute and fancy talk for saying he’s misunderstood as am I — and don’t get it twisted I have no political affiliation, but you could see why I can empathize with that if you asked 20 different people who our president is you’ll get 20 different answers…something my mother always said about me when I was a child.

When I realized POTUS‘ advisers were taking a different, unprecedented and unconventional more JFK like approach to his administration and how he would run it — I was on board, ofc. Could you blame him? 96% of his press coverage is negative — having the media propagate talking points day after day to the civilian population again a sitting president holding the executive and commander-in-chief of the world’s most powerful and effective Military to of ever existed in this history of warfare.

You guys remember when Giuliani was getting grilled for his involvement in the Ukraine saga I like to call it since I try to stay out of there picking sides to be completely honest I detested the man (I’m a Muslim and I was manipulated using soundbites little clips of him telling me he wanted to ban all my skills before I really had an awakening and if anybody is uncertain of what I’m saying and has Verizon FiOS please take advantage of that last button on the remote it’s a gift and a trip when you’re watching CNN Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow at the same time.

Again to reiterate just because I had empathy and I knew what was going on with POTUS45 does not mean I supported this president hell I don’t support the Democrats either I’m a fiscal conservative social moderate and political liberal when it boils down to it.

I’m not gonna go into any more detail as to what I did and what I’ve been doing for the administration from 2017–2020 — — but I will tell you that I am proud of the work we did. From providing expertise on my knowledge in the Middle East to helping drive economic policy through former Secretary Jay Clayton’s office. It was not long before they figured out I could serve as an invaluable asset providing not only political and PR advise — but data science, as I understood how to work analytics and Twitter DevOps, as well as how to use his own I Twitter analytics to not only gauge the temperature of the American public in terms of their receptive response(s) (or lack thereof) to his gargantuan hyperbolic, over-the-top rhetorical nonsense.

I was pretty flabbergasted they were not even doing that it was already well into 2016. I’m going to leave the cliff notes there but fast forward to a few years of me providing remote assistance through the focus groups polls and intense “homework” which systemically became more and more detail and more and more Of feeling like something the White House should be doing but as a reference earlier in order to plug the leaks he had his Closest staffers or aids (I can only presume) Cherry pick and poach individuals who are not only skilled educated passionate and willing to do whatever it takes whether it’s an argument or a task.

I was starting to pick up on behavioral patterns of the other people in a “think tank” I was asked to be a part of and for a while I started to distance myself from the administration because I started to feel like I was getting played.

Then I woke up one day and realized who the fuck cares if I’m getting played? I would be dead in Syria right now not for this country and I can’t let one man or any feelings I have about him neglect my responsibility to have a public and that is something I feel really passionate about and why I have this really big problem with the dnc right now. Esp. with the hypocrisy in Ukraine (where were you when Aleppo was getting bombed to kingdom come?) — or do they not matter?

This topic gets me heated. I’ll try to avoid it for now.

I’m gonna leave it at that and I hope I didn’t leave more questions than answers.

The truth is I had to give an explanation as to the reason why I took a sabbatical from publications; because when I was really involved in my crypto work so to speak I was privy to certain information that can or could’ve easily been misconstrued as insider trading. Hence why I stopped forex publications altogether.

This post is intended for my closest followers and those seeking to learn more about me — so if you have no idea what the F I’m talking about go on about your business and have a wonderful day!

Publication written on 5/16/2020, Edited and re-published today: 03/08/2022.

Now for the signal. (I anticipated a massive bull-run, but at the time I published this signal: @BNB was hovering at roughly $15 a token, now? $300 average.

BNB has been bearish since pre halving
so this is long overdue hand given the volume and influence this token has its going to see a huge parabolic upswing and that’s why I opted for this publication.

I’m also going to have to do an XAU / XAG Follow up as it’s been several months and my long posts from around the fall if you guys recall were more accurate than well I guess none of my posts i am a goddamn beast whose always bee pop on point !

Don’t blame me blame the crystal ball on the clairvoyants that comes with being a magician or grand Wizard at this point.

I love you guys thanks for all the support and I’m looking forward to a great Q3/Q4.

Now let’s make some fucking money!!

I’ll update later with higher TP and this is definitely going to be alone as with ETH and chainlink. “


- Ahmed T.

  • @a1mtarabichi

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Peace && Love. Have a great week everyone! Remember to set your stop-losses!



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