My 10 GOLDEN RULES for Brokering Crypto | What 15000+ Hours of Experience Trading Since Q3 2014 taught me → TA & Research/trial & error + Experience

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Even if you’re just a novice trader who’s looking to take it to the next level; so as long as you have a strong work ethic and are willing to work/commit for it; this is the post for you.

Adhere to my 10 rules (with a clear emphasis on Rule #2) and you’ll ALWAYS be a successful investor.

This one will be short & concise; I mean it. Whenever you do your research and you feel as if a coin is about to breakout; you’re not clouded by emotions & your head is telling you strong buy recommendation than go for it. It’s not panic buying/selling if you pre-determine in an objective manner what and how much you intend to purchase and set the limits for not only the percentage in which you can afford to lose but also to not let your greed get the best of you (we’re all guilty of it) and SELL once you’ve surpassed your sell point. Even if the coin keeps mooning; you SELL.

OKAY FOLKS! Whew that was lengthy! Took me almost 4 hours to write! But I do believe it was most definitely:

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