How Tom MacDonald’s Controversial “Fake Woke” new single is the antidote for democracy…

Tom Macdonald burst onto the scene with his controversial, rhetorically charged lyrics and gritty music videos that often highlight the complexities of social/cultural and economic issues faced in (not only in the U.S.) but all western democracies today.

Real hip hop…cadences, nuances, and metaphors eloquently tied together with lyrical rhyme scheme that would rival Shakespeare in literary genius.

  • Coincidences
  • Ironies
  • Paradoxes
  • Cliches

“Kids these days…you call that music?!”

Your emphasis is on the wrong pa-ra-ble….

I digress…

Back to the subject: the fact of the matter remains, that in order for the U.S. to truly Build Back Better we must stare down the barrel of hyper-partisanship and eradicate it from within the very bowels of our (America)’s social/cultural/economic and political fabric.

Radio personalities, rappers, actors, authors, and all forms of individuals from the private sector have always played a quintessential role in driving American policy. Whether we’re talking about Joyner Lucas’ “I”m not Racist” or the aforementioned single above, this is clearly self-evident. During WWII, all the proceeds from a single Yankee game went to fund the Battle of Midway (fact check me on this, I”m not sure which battle exactly) but you get my point.

In order to win the culture war, you have to declare a ceasefire.

Obtain some semblance of empathy and let that understanding resonate && truly simmer within you.

I implore any disenfranchised gen Z / millennial to hear/read this.

It’s a riveting and powerful indictment for (esp disenfranchised latino/a/black youth engaged in the middle of class warfare) to follow the same 3 defining principles DETAILED (of all places, in a Ted Talk) keynote presentation/speech that saved my life as outlined in Mike-Brody Waite’s inspiring speech that resonated with me more than anything else at the time && was/is perhaps the sole reason I did not fall out/fail.

Rigorous Authenticity

Surrendering to Circumstances you cannot control

Doing HARD / Uncomfortable work && Making Hard / Uncomfortable Decisions.

With that being said, have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!


Originally Published on 2/02/2021; Edited & Re-Published 03/16/2022



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