How I made $10,000,000 trading, mining, and farming (airdrops, etc.) Cryptocurrencies


Then lost it all to an Xhide multi-prong scanner (malware via swift)

At the apex of my career: circa Q32020, I had roughly 149.8985 BTC — which I would’ve liquidated at $50,000.

How would I have known it would’ve gone to $50K? Read below and see for yourself!

I don’t think there’s a single person in this #crypto arena who’s been more precise than I have.

So it’s truly disheartening to see that the thousands of hours of research I conduct to produce a (not only pinpoint accurate #technicalanalysis) but a lengthy, informative oped/publication detailing my input on the matter to boot — Why?

After all, who else can you say that they (honestly) predicted the price of #bitcoin #btcusd 4 years in advance after the initial hardfork/ATH (we were at $11.6K) to drop for 5 fiscal quarters straight to the exact number of $3700 (I predicted $4000 — same timeframe) as well as when it will drop to that figure…AND going a step further to state when it will reach $25K and a timeframe to match.

THEN going one step even FURTHER and determining when the $100K ATH would be (Q421)

I’ve got the receipts (time-stamped appended logs) in the post above/below to prove it.

I included screenshots proving how a corrupt mod TradingView single-handedly social engineered me off their platform by modifying their house rules…only after I had been booted off @steemit (after attemping to re-brand my image) than my holy grail: Twitter.

I guess the lesson I haven’t learned is: WATCH my mouth! I have a tendency to be too brash/harsh/honest in some of the statements I make and in retrospect I should probably give it more thought.

In other words, EDIT before you PUBLISH.

It’s truly unfortunate because the only ones who really stand to lose are the readers (Discounting the thousands of hours of research and hundreds of hours of writing) — unfortunately I can never grow the following I need to because of my big mouth.

I need to work on that. #branding #research #work #people #writing #like #content #video

Happy Caturday Everyone!

  • Respectfully
  • Ahmed T.



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