“FINTECH F***D” — A Fintech Arms Race


Long story short:

They stole my API.

12/18/2016 4:36 AM EMAIL CHAIN TO “International Blockchain Consults” and “International Blockchain Accounting” (Sister firm/slush fund) — continue reading…

Shell Company for John R. (Father of Alex R.) aka founder of ScribD — offering to fund me
Through a clever combination of shell companies and slush funds, they managed to exert a certain level of plausible deniability and keep enough distance between the funding and the platform.
Ryan Selkis — CEO of Crypto.com
Enough said.
Again — they went from offering dashboard services (trying to charge me $40,000) to offering me funding from their sister accounting company (IBC to IBA) both shell companies nonetheless.
My marketing strategy to Messari a.k.a. Adel Messari whom I shall see in court inevitably.

My roadmap/pitch:

ETH based mobile daPP /token/exchange using the ERC-20 platform that provides many services: most importantly being a democratic, transparent, introductory, and user-friendly approach to blockchain:

Roadmap (they took my API, IP, marketing strategy, roadmap) and with slight alterations were able to create their own ERC20 token off of my sweat/blood/tears and years of hard work.
Marketing strategy extended.
Juxtaposition of email chain.
This is what trying to be ethical & honest in this industry gets you…


Exodia will be a combination of an exchange, as well as a website. SEC approved and fully transparent, taxable, and regulated; the goal of EXODIA is to serve as an introduction (noob friendly) based token which provides incentives, bonuses, and two main services known as QuickPay and Interact as well as an extremely user-friendly and simplistic yet visually appealing interface.

1) The exchange will includes daily cryptocurrency news, forecasts and technical analysis provided by seasoned veteran traders, message boards and each user to create his/her own profile which allows for social networking to be conducted among each other. It will focus on making a transition into the world of crypto very simplistic in such a way that a person with no knowledge of Blockchain or Bitcoin will be able to register and immediately have all the tools at their disposal to learn everything they need to. It’s goal is to have a team of expert graphic/web designers as well as those who are veterans at HTML create a visually appealing/user-friendly layout that will not be intimidating to those who are not tech savvy and fully understandable and easy for older generations who have no knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the importance they have yet to impact on the global economy.

The business will be modeled on full and absolute COMPLETE transparency and will also comply with all regulations, and be fully taxable; (with the exchange compiling a list of your earnings at the end of each quarter) providing you with your total earnings report, which will facilitate the process of integrating cryptocurrencies within the United States with the rest of the world in a way that is transparent, taxable, and fully compliant with government regulations.

(simple mobile application: introduces fundamentals of blockchain/bitcoin through the implementation of two major features: Quickpay and Interact)

2) Lack of third-party interference makes this token an effective and efficient currency with lightning-fast transactions and minimal fees by providing transparency & no interference which makes it more easy & affordable than ever to make payments, conduct transactions, invest, or use the services provided by Exodia.

3) Will be advertised as an impenetrable vault; strongly emphasizing security and it’s nature as an imperative part of EXODIA. Top notch protocols including (for example) using facial recognition and 2FA along with 12 seed key which makes for easy accessibility from any device yet maximum security, putting minds at ease and eliminating the need for extra security measures by having the most secure and user-friendly soft wallet that cannot
under any circumstances be breached.

4) Interact — allows investors/traders to play an active major role in the development of this token; advertised as a “democratic” cryptocurrency, much like the blockchain network, the shareholders determine the future roadmap / development through use of polling and focus groups as well as message boards within EXODIA & effective brandishing/advertisment. bonus incentives given for those who have referrals.

5) QuickPay — allows you to quickly exchange your EXODIA back and forth from USDT to other major coins/tokens. Additionally, it allows for the deposit/purchase of USDT using your bank or credit card, which allows users to purchase Bitcoin immediately and start trading as well as using Interact to teach themselves everything they need to know technology (greater fees)

6) TOP NOTCH customer support; with instant responses and incentives provided to users/token holders who assist others and resolve issues that EXODIA customer support will not be able to take on all at once. Similar to the way Steemit provides incentives for users to post good content; EXODIA will give seasoned, veteran traders with extreme knowledge in cryptocurrencies bonus tokens for providing information & solving issues or dispute claims to the best of their ability than directly reporting them to admins who review the situation and grant the award contingent on how/well you helped the new user.

The idea of having a user-friendly website that introduces new crypto users; complete with user profiles, social networking, news, technical analysis, message boards, and providing services would appeal to many.

As a seasoned trader myself; I get questions EVERY DAY by friends/family and strangers about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, both coins & tokens. It seems as if we’re in a point in the world now where everyone KNOWS what Bitcoin is but not many fully UNDERSTAND it.

That is the purpose of EXODIA. To be the transitional bridge in solving the questions and dilemmas of those who are uneducated and want to learn, as well as providing complete transparency and regulation in a way that’s never been done before.

Hi Ahmad,

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The card is successfully activated again.

If there’s anything else we can help with, please let us know!

Best Regards,
Crypto.com Team

Aya from Crypto.com

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Hi Ahmad,

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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You can get the full story in the thread but the cliff notes: My elevator pitch on 12/17/17 went ignored until January, when I received a phone call and then a follow-up email from one John R. responding to what was (extremely vague, as I was holding my cards close to the vest) and yet detailed enough to pique their interest…at which point he responded & a week or two later had their sister company, IBA (international blockchain accounting) contact me with a rep under the manipulative & deceiving pretense that they would provide funding using rhetoric listed above including phrases like “this is our accounting firm, they’ll provide you with funding once you give them more information” and fast forward another 6 months & about 15 different people from both IBC/IBA corresponding with me — taking bits of my whitepaper/roadmap/marketing strategy down to the letter: hence the reason I chose to speak my truth in order to bring truth to light and eventually power.

The final email I received was from Adel aka “@MessariCrypto” on 08/17 (the day after my 28th birthday) and included in the thread are screenshots that provide a detailed timeline that prove that their “rebranding,” defer to CoinBureau article and announcements/news pertaining to it from what used to be the shittiest of shitcoins (Monaco, if you’ve never heard of it, you’re not missing anything) — was a shitcoin that never took off & so they decided to go with another idea; until they realized they weren’t creative enough to come up with one and so they decided to poach one.

I firmly don’t believe they intended on committing IP theft & stealing what was tantamount to my magnus opus; (for those of you who aren’t aware or weren’t around during this time…2017 was ICOGASM; people were selling air & it was as simple as propping up a good idea, putting together a whitepaper/roadmap, then pitching it to angel investors) if you understand the missed opportunities in terms of other funding firms I could’ve chosen — the sting of betrayal is twice as hurtful as losing my baby.

By using a disclaimer (I’m not going to sit here and pretend I'm Nostradamus…I have very little knowledge on legal matters pertaining to copyright/patent laws) I was manipulated into staying quiet through a combination of blackmail & extortionary racketeering tactics deployed with cryptic subtlety on their part (below is a screenshot of them wiping -1000$ from my MCO visa card for no reason whatsoever — along with timestamps & video footage to prove that I did not make a $999.99 purchase from Target on a f*king midnight during a weekday) which was one of their ways of bullying me in addition to the threat of a lawsuit until I finally got my own defense team together.

Unfortunately, my attorneys put me onto Digital Forensics who failed to provide adequate representation in this legal matter as it was still the early-mid days of fintech/blockchain, and finding a litigator on revolutionary new tech where the legislature has yet to be solidified is easier said than done.

Just google it if you don’t believe me. If you still need proof: DM me

I'll be more than happy to provide it.

Now my litigation team says every time I go public with information I damage the credibility & hinder chances at a higher settlement, but I don’t give a fuck.

They not only took an innovative platform I developed; like Bezos/Zuckerberg/Dorsey, I was no different in that I was living with my mom at the time; flat broke (at the apex of crypto winter with BTC down to about $3000) and in my bedroom at the age of 28 developed what would’ve been (had their greedy/opportunistic revisions not gimped it) the leading token serving as a bridge to fill the much-needed gap between no-coiners & full global adoption; coupled with my D.C. contacts & years of lobbying/effort to get STO approval from Sec. Jay Clayton’s office, there were no qualms by the US govt. when it came down to it — or to quote Charles Payne, “If cryptocurrencies are happening, and the gravy train is rolling, and it can’t be stopped; then why stifle American innovation?

“Why not let our youngest and brightest do what they do best & let the beauty of free-market capitalism play out and have the USA do what it does best: lead the world in innovation”

…instead, you have a group of American treasonous gluttons && Russian/Turkish & other Eastern European thieves & thugs committing fraud & sitting there with their chests puffed out while having the audacity to put their name on what is not only mine but the property of the USA.

You must understand that when I was developing this token; I didn’t develop it for what I wanted in the near future or next 5 years — it was developed for what the world would be & what I believed cryptocurrencies would need 20 years from now…and when all is said and done and the dust settles (as we are still in our infancy, even a decade in and at $12k with nearly 3/4 a trillion in global market cap — crypto adoption is nowhere near it’s apex) and so (just as I envisioned OmiseGo would be a massive token back in 2015; Steemit link below) or just as I pictured Bakkt (below) I knew exactly where this was heading and what needed to be done to make it happen.

All anybody needs to do is a smidgen of research and look into my credentials to affirm every statement I’ve made in spite of the fact that it already is too late for me.

I knew it would be too late though. Everything should be outlined in the publicized series on Medium (unfortunately, my main Twitter account is no longer with us) in a visual format neatly tied up with a bow on top for you guys to have indisputable evidence that what I am saying is #facts & despite the fact I’d get an earful from my attorneys every time I run my big ass mouth, I came to the realization that it’s my big ass mouth that got me into this mess and FINALLY — after 3 years of silence & no progress on this case…I decide to post about it & in less than a week, Kris & his team decided to “rebrand” again; (notice a pattern? google #TimeforPlanB? changing from #MCO to #CRO? Why? Moving their HQ to EU instead of US?) — one could argue that’s a coincidence, but don’t be that naïve…you guys are not stupid.

Put two and two together.

The same week I make this announcement is the same week they decide to pack up shop & cover their tracks? Here’s what they didn’t bank on. This was meticulously calculated so that I wouldn’t start exposing them until I had everything I needed and that includes OBS screenshots & original copies of the (now modified) original whitepaper of MCO where you had literally paragraphs copied & pasted from the emails/correspondence & so it’s over for me…my attorneys think I should settle.

My friends & family think this is bigger than me and a group of thieving thugs…this is about American innovation being the victim of IP theft & a group of foreign nationals creating their own watered down version of EXD.

Think of it like this: I pitched IBC/IBA Facebook, from the whitepaper/marketing/roadmap, everything including the API source code & design + layout & making client acquisition, retention & user-friendliness with customer service being the most quintessential necessity as it’s a bridge gap from no-coiners to those of us who understand crypto & blockchain well enough — — I gave them Facebook & they put out Myspace & it STILL made it to the top 10 market cap….

Imagine what it could’ve been (what it still could be) if I had done it the way I wanted, the way I intended?

Bakkt URL / 10 Crypto Commandments

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


  • Ahmed T

Originally Posted on 11/21/2020. Edited on 3/13/2022.

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