Blockchain BrainBusters Bootcamp NYC 2/2

Details for Curricula Included within thread — SEE ORIGINAL 1/2 for more info.

DATES: 04/29/22–05/13/22

DATES: 04/29/22–05/13/22

Old curriculum descriptions are above and below.

The chart represents the requests for admission in crosscoef (python function— cross referencing using data science) with actual admission; applications, waitlist & The final area being percentage of those completed.

Remember, I’ve done this about 10 times (or 10 quarters) non-consecutively (due to the pandemic) so I know exactly what I’m doing. As an early adopter whose taught this crash course several times — I am uniquely poised to offer a full, in depth, comprehensive course on all things (way more qualified than those you’l see on eventbrite/meetups) and I hate to see people pay for a poor education when I’m offering 10X the amount of information for > 1/2 the price*!

*conducive to your performance on the entry/final exam; etc. Additionally, care packages and utilities/misc. provided to each cohort will cost roughly $750–1000 each.

Even those that don’t pass the exams generally agree this is one hell of an opportunity. I haven’t taught this course since before the pandemic; with loosening lockdown restrictions, I feel (as illustrated in part 1 of this post) now is as good a time as any to continue on the trajectory I was already on before COVID-19 became a major impediment to all of our lives.

Bear in mind the images above are from old courses taught as far back as 2018. The curriculum has since been updated; I will review the syllabus with you in detail, in person.

It will make more sense as I have constructed each class to be as informative as possible, increasing the density of the knowledge squeezing as much information in a 40 hour, 2 week curriculum.

Sufficient to say after 8–9 successful 2 week crash courses:

I have mastered teaching a blockchain bootcamp curricula; so much so that the big banks (TransAmerica, Goldman, Northwestern) on Wall St. have taken notice and offered me advisory positions in their companies, before I politely declined and opted to do my own thing instead. I have pretty much rehearsed each lecture to the point of memorization; something worth noting: the cohorts will understand on day one is that I am not there to teach them. I am there to provide a blueprint for them to teach themselves if that makes sense — like teaching a man to fish rather than giving them a fish.

There is simply far too much material to cover in one two week course. However, there is not enough material to cover each topic — therefore a combination of covering each topic while highlighting the most important key points from nodes to smart contracts to creating your own indicators, etc. are all given from trial & error in my experience. So don’t thank me.

Thank all those cohorts who attended this curriculum before you considered doing so; as they were the ones whom I learned from courtesy of trial & error.

In any case, that’s all for now.

It’s very exciting and I hope you will be as excited as I am.

See you Friday, April 29th, 2022 at 6:00 PMSHARP.

The location will be announced via Eventbrite/Meetups and on Twitter. I will also update these posts with more on location info. TBD*

*If anyone has suggestions for a location (weWorks is my go-to guess for now) for an ideal location, please don’t hesitate to volunteer said information. Compensation for a venue is already priced in and a non-sequitur.


Have a wonderful week everyone!



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