As we speak, a global financial revolution (not dissimilar from the Industrial Revolution of the 20th century) unfolds; yet the masses are oblivious to how monumental this paradigm shift really is!

Happy Turkey Day all! **UPDATED***3/9/22

Updated on behalf of President Biden’s executive order pertaining to crypto/digiassets; which is outlined below:

Page 1/2 of executive order, followed by old oped from 2016
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I first drafted this article in 2016; published it in Q1/Q22017. I knew NYC would take lead as the U.S. always has and always will when it comes to innovation: American exceptionalism is second to none.

Except unlike last year (q4 2017) there are TWO major differences that make this pending #bullrun WAYY more exciting & absolutely terrifying, as financial analysts & experts are scrambling… ask any person in the world, be it Warren Buffett or Mark Cuban, every CEO/CFO of the big 4 (Goldman Sachs, AIG, Merryl Lynch, Bank of America, Citigroup) as well as every leading tech executive/brain: from Bill Gates to Zuckerfucker to Jeff Bezos as well as the top cybersecurity/encryption and cryptography experts working for the NSA, Pentagon & in the private sector…

#Bakkt changes everything as it is proof that #NYSE is going to integrate #cryptocurrencies which is bittersweet news. It’s great for our portfolios which are set to increase substantially, without a question yet it ruins the very reason & sole purpose of bitcoin/blockchain… it stands against everything Satoshi stands for & is pretty hilarious if you think about it.. #Wallstreet has literally tried to suppress #BTC to the point where they couldn’t; when it was worth $500-$10000 worth it was managelabel, hell even the $22k #ATH we saw last year at the apex of the largest #bullish movement / #bullrun we’ve had since #BTC’s inception: incidentally leading to MANY, MANY new users joining. In fact, some of you reading this now are probably only here because of that run. But while that run introduced $BTCUSD to the mainstream; exciting the entire community. It terrified the big 4. Because at $500 #Bitcoin is manageable; yet at $22,000 its officially & literally a global economic disrupter. This is a problem for you if you are the 1%. hate to sound like a paranoid conspiracy nut yet as Kurt Cobain once said “just because you’re paranoid don’t mean they’re not after you” and I am telling you they are looking to capitalize & dominate the #cryptomarkets the same way they have with #NADSDAQ #DOWJOINES #S&W, the entire #globaleconomy so now at $22K per #BTC we have officially now a problem where half a trillion USD is circulating across the global economy & none of it is being taxed or regulated. God forbid those greedy poor/working class people! How dare you try to keep your own money. Hence, the deals you’re seeing; as for every dollar you spend is one less invested & so this goal of theirs: knocking #BTCUSD down to the $5800 range is an attempt at them monopolizing the entire crypto game; while $6800 to $5800 may not matter to most of us, to the people I’m referring to: we are talking hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars. So that $1000 difference in #BTC price will save them more money than you can fathom.

Think of it like this; you got two currents pushing against each other, or if you’re familiar with scientific terminology; geography to be specific: what’s commonly known as known as a rip current with the extreme, more intense although smaller flow of water being the minnows *(us, the 99% of people who own #btcusd but aren’t the whales a.k.a. 1% who have hundreds(even thousands) of #BTC so trust me, this is real.

It’s happening as we speak. Something straight out of a Tom Clancy novel; it’s truly fascinating. The question is: what side of history do you want to be on when they talk about this time period 50 or 100 years from now? I know my answer.

Do you??

Originally published at on December 8, 2017.

I am proud and happy to say we are finally making headway in terms of global widespread integration!

Peace && Love



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