7 Steps to Developing Smart Contracts with Visual Code Extension

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Let’s begin with the prerequisites first, shall we?


  • Windows 10, Linux, Mac OSx are standard current operating systems.

IF you are developing Go smart contracts: install Go version 1.12 or greater

  • VS CODE version 1.32 or greater

IF you are developing NODE smart contracts: you need to install Node v8.x or 10.x and NPM v6.x or greater

  • Docker v17.062-ce or greater
  • Docker Compose v1.14.0 or greater

IF you are developing JAVA smart contracts you’ll need to install JAVA JDK v8

Now that you are fully cognizant of what measures & methods you need to take in order to fully develop your own smart contract (beit ERC-20 or ERC-115) you can use this article + step-by-step instructional guide as your compass/metric to developing your own cryptocurrency token.

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