100% SPOT ON BTCUSD Technical Analysis (Among Others)

Bolstered by Hindsight == 2020 && Social Engineered off TradingView

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This was initially posted on 07/20/2020 before being taken down less than a few days after being published.

Seeing as how this is arguably my best Bitcoin Bitcoin Magazine Forex signal to date — coupled with the fact that it was taken down by TradingView — I figured I’d repost this on medium using screenshots && hindsight to provide unequivocal evidence that this forexsignal (assisted with a lengthy detailed oped and protected by a comprehensive disclaimer) panned out almost to perfection!

WARNING: This is not a forexsignal in any way/shape/form (not anymore anyway) as it has long since panned out. I am simply providing this publication for the detailed oped contained within it (which went overlooked) alongside the hindsight needed to bolster my not-so-audacious claim in the title/subheader.

Without further adieu, here’s your publication:




As you can see, Bitcoin prices surged from 11.6K to 25K IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING this publication.

This publicatoin was posted on 07/07…so since the levvies broke & we crossed higher high it seems like everybody, their mother, their grandmother, their great grandmother; and their aunties are posting BTCUSD signals claiming to be geniuses.

  • BTC dominance slows as we finally cross through wedge into entry territory; fundamentals reveal a new ATH is on the horizon as a W bottom follows suit in what will be a parabolic run of the decade.
  • Crypto has long since crossed that threshold where we are now mainstream. I am proud to have played a huge role in it; through education, integration, and expedition of @blockchain education.

I wasn’t compensated for it. I wasn’t thanked for it. Even worse; I’ve had to make sacrifices for it…on behalf of a fintech community that shunned me (due to unrelated personal issues with my behavioral conduct; i.e. me getting banned from Twitter, though not TradingView: that was corruption, plain and simple) but I digress.

Just answering the obvious questions for those who are curious as to why I’m in the position I’m in.

So for anyone wondering why my TradingView TradingView Blog Tradingview Bitmex account looks like this…

You can thank the admin above for this abuse of moderation privileges TradingView Blog

…but let me continue:


Peace & Love

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